Europe’s Annual Climate Innovation Summit to be Held in Emerging Green Finance Centre Dublin

The 2018 Climate Innovation Summit, Europe’s leading event on climate innovation, will be held in the emerging green business hub of Dublin this November with a focus on the finance needed to accelerate climate action.  From 6 to 8 November, 600 decision makers from across Ireland and Europe will convene to discuss innovative finance solutions that [...]

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Paris Based Pierre Ducret Appointed Co-chair of the UN Environment FC4S Network

On 8 October, the IPCC concluded that an additional 1.5% in global investment would be needed to hold global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Mobilising the world’s financial centres will be crucial to achieve the system transition that the IPCC has recommended. At the 2nd meeting of the global network of Financial Centres for Sustainability [...]

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UN Green Finance Network to Establish its European Hub in Dublin

A major United Nations programme that encourages global financial centres to put sustainable and green finance at its heart and help fight climate change, is to establish its European base in Ireland. The European secretariat will coordinate a network of pan-European cities committed to the expansion of green and sustainable financial services. The global Financial [...]

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World’s Leading Financial Centres Urge Compatibility, Connectivity Between New Standards For Sustainable Finance

A “shared language” for green and sustainable finance is critical for the growth of new markets, and for compatibility and coherence between jurisdictions, the FC4S Network – the world’s platform of leading financial centres working on sustainability – said in a joint statement released after a G7 meeting on sustainable finance in Halifax. The Network [...]

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